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How Many Words In Books

How many words are normally in a chapter book.

Say like a 300 paged book?

I would figure about 75,000 words for a 300 page book, considering that there is generally – of my understanding – 250 words a page.That number may vary, though, considering that not every single page would have close to 250 words, taking into account that a page may have only a sentence or two, the rest of the page reserved to signify the end of a chapter. Then the page beginning the next chapter may only have a 100-200 or so words, varying with the formatting and even the size of the page.So basically, it depends entirely on the sentence spacing, font, and formatting of the publication. I would still round it to 75,000 words.>>If you are trying to figure how many pages your book would be, divide the number of words your word document is by 250.

How Many Words In A Certain Sized Book.

I heard from Persiphone that 80,000 words is the most commonly accepted for a novel, and I was wondering what the dimensions of this book would be. I’m aiming for a book about the size of the Warriors books, or a bit bigger, how many words would that be, about?Thanks,Sky—

The easiest way to figure is just to take the number of pages and multiply by 250. That will get you very close to the number of words in the book. The “average” paperback generally has the same amount of words as the same book in hardcover. A 50,000 word paperback would be around 200 pages – which is on the short side for an adult book. It would be more the length of an upper age young adult book. As for adult novels, I said 80,000 words is about where they start. They go up from there.Remember your rewrite and editing. Stephen King says the formula for a rewrite is rewrite = first draft – 10% – which would take your 50K words down to 45K. An editor would probably take it down even more. I tend to work with a formula that is rewrite = first draft +10%. I write a little on the lean side the first time around and flesh things out on my rewrite – so even if the editor takes 5% away from me, I am still in good shape word count wise.Wanda is correct, but naive. At a certain point, writing becomes a business. I am working on a book now that I am ghostwriting for someone that is already sold based on the book proposal. It is a memoir. The editor at the publishing company (one of the top 2 in the world) is constantly asking me how many words I think it is going to be. So it is nice to be able to have the freedom and luxury of writing what you want, but you also have to remember the difference between writing for publication and writing for yourself. And Sky’s question is a very valid one. The first thing the publisher wants to know when you hand them a query or a manuscript is — how many words? Publishing is a business, and authors know that.Pax-C

Free paperback books

How do i findout how many words are in a book.

okay so i go to and then i dont know where i go to, to findout how many words are in the book. PLEASE HELP

Count the number of words in three different full lines on a page. Use lines without quotations. Add the number of words and divide by 3. Multiply that number by the number of lines on the page. Multiply that number by the number of pages in the book and you’ll have a good idea of how many words are in the book.

How many words per page in a book.

Like on one side of the page?

Industry standard is 250 words per page. So if you are working on a novel, take the number of words you have written and divide it by 250. That will tell you how many pages you have written. Then if you divide that number by the number of chapters you have written, it will give you an average number of pages in each chapter. If you have outlined and know how many chapters you intend to write, multiply the average number of pages per chapter by the number of chapters and you will know approximately how long your finished manuscript will be. Math can be fun. Pax-C

anyway to count how many word you typed in word. im writing a book.

im writing a book and ive heard the avrage book had 250-300 pages. so is there anyway i can count how many pages ive typed? and if there is a way to edit the page, so it could be like 4 inchs by 7 inchs? or however it gos

In the lower left hand corner is your page count and your word count.You “can” edit the format (in the paragraph tab on your ribbon) but if you were to change it to 4×7 you would be way off industry standard, and probably off from what your target publisher wants.Check out your target publisher in their submission guidelines and they’ll tell you if format is important to them. If not you can’t go wrong with the old standard of Courier or Times New Roman .5 indent 25pt exactly, turn off widows and orphans. (all in the paragraph tab click on the little arrow in the lower right corner)

How many words are in these books.

I am writing my own novel and I would like to know how many words are in a few books that are close to mine.-the lightning thief-the hunger games-the city of ember-the lost hero-the red pyramid-harry potter philosphers stone/chamber of secrets.

The Lightning Thief – 87223 words.The Hunger Games – 99750The City of Ember – Around 67500 (I couldn’t find the exact amount so I multiplied the amount of pages with the average amount of words on a page in a novel)The Lost Hero – 129,174The Red Pyramid – 132 000 (I couldn’t find the exact amount so I multiplied the amount of pages with the average amount of words on a page in a novel)Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone – 76944Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – Approx. 85,000 words. (I couldn’t find the exact amount so I multiplied the amount of pages with the average amount of words on a page in a novel)

How many words in my book.

I’m reading Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer, and I need to know the exact word count, but I can’t find it. D:

The word count is 91,823.You can enter the titles of some books and find their word counts here:….

How many words should be in a book.

How many words should be in a book? anyone have a general idea??

It depends on the genre. These are approximations, and it does vary depending on the source. Some literary agents don’t look at word count, but those who do consider it might reject you on word count alone – if it’s way too many then it could mean you have a lot of fluff, and if it’s way too short then it could be a sign that your novel is under-develop.Young Adult – 40,000-60,000Adult – 60,000-90,000Sci-fi/fantasy Adult – 60,000 – 120,000 (more leeway to develop worlds)Childrens and Middle Grade will be shorter than YA.There are always exceptions, so just write your novel and worry about word count when you’re done because you can always edit things later.

How many words are in a childrens picture book.

How many words per page lets say are in a childrens picture book (50, 25, 80, 100?)

I depends on the type of picture book. Most of the picture books published now have 32-pages (books printed earlier, like Dr. Seuss books, are much longer).Word length for fiction is up to 1500 words, with 1000 words as the average.Nonfiction in the picture book format can go up to age 10, 48 pages in length, or up to about 2000 words of text.Easy readers (or “easy-to-read”) can be 32-64 pages long, with 200-1500 words of text, occasionally going up to 2000 words. Books average 2-5 sentences per page.I have submitted manuscripts (although I’ve never had a book published), so I suggest that if you are writing a book for children, please check the publishers website for the Writer’s Guidelines or Submission Guidelines for exact requirements. The publisher’s love it when you do your homework first!Hope this helps.

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  1. Each page (one sided) in novel format averages 250 words. Of course this depends on the amount of dialogue. But the average is 250. So if you’re writing something on any sort of word processor and want to know how many pages as a novel it would be than go to ‘tools’, then ‘word count’. Take the number given by the word count and pull up the ‘calculator’ tool, then take the number of words divided by 250, and you have your answer. Thanks.Tools > WordCount

  2. Just write the book and ignore the word-count. It’s not important! The standard of your story is the most important thing.

  3. actually im going to try the wikipedia idea (above^^^^^)For the best answers, search on this site

  4. I am not sure if you actually meant words, or if your true meaning was pages. Amazon won’t tell you how many words, but it will tell you how many pages. An easier way than that is to go to, type in the title of your book, and then add wikipedia to the end. Example:~~~Daddy’s Baby Girl~~~

  5. Just poke it at a wordcount program. If there isn’t an option on your wordprocessor, there are plenty of free ones on the internet.

  6. Like on one side of the page?

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  8. to break the most words in a book you would need more than 2.1 million words so i think you should try to break the recordWell, an average paperback book there are around 50,000 words give or take some. So I am guessing that that the Warrior books may have around, and again this is just estimate, 200,000 words. Remember, when you rewrite a book, many words are added, so if you fall short the first draft, the next you can definitely get there!

  9. sooooooooooo idk what to do.

  10. When you write a novel, you should be worrying that you’re telling a story in such a way that others will want to buy it, no matter how short or long it is. You want your characters to be believable, and your scenes to be rich, your writing should envelope the reader with aromas, emotions, textures, sounds, and sights that put them in the pages. When you can do this, THEN you can fuss about whether the book is 200, 400, or 800 pages long.You are writing a book, eh. Since your brief question contains 17 errors in ENglish. Maybe you should get native speaker to help you or write it in your own language.

  11. heheheheheheheHow many words per page in a book?… this site has book templates of different dimensions that you can download.

  12. :[[This is a similar question that’s already been resolved.

  13. Average novel length is between 60 000 and 100 000 words.

  14. -CayleeJo

  15. In a good book there should be about 80,000-100,000 words.

  16. This Site Might Help You.The Kite Runner wikipedia could find out by setting your page size to 5 x 8 in Word and seeing what that does to the page count. To do that, do this (in Word XP (2002) and adjacent versions. Word Vista (2007) probably has something similar): 1. Click the File->Page Setup menu item. 2. Click the Paper tab. 3. Set the Height and Width as you want 4. Click OK. 5. Check the new page count at the bottom of the screen. Hope that helps.

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  18. Also, go into ‘Page Layout’, then ‘Page Setup’ and then click ‘Size’ and then you can click ‘custom’ and enter in your own sizes 🙂

  19. Why are all the answers so short these days?

  20. Take a look at some of the books in the library and you’ll see the differences that will determine the size of a book…hope you find something to fill that gap.

  21. RE:

  22. Are you going to read this book? Or write it?

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  25. I’d say those books range from 50,000-70,000 words.

  26. Then it will take you to a page giving all kinds of information on that book. Look on the right side and you’ll find a whole summary which includes the number of pages, as well as sequels, prequels, author, and all kinds of different information. I hope this is what you wanted! Good luck!

  27. However many are needed to describe what you want to say in a detailed manner.

  28. If its one you want to write– why are you aiming at a certain size? Do you have a table that you need to prop up? or do you need something thick to stand on to reach the top of your cupboards?

  29. But I’ll try to answer anyway. the average book is 80 to 90 thousand words, many publishers won’t accept a book over 150 thousand, nor under 65 thousand, unless its a childrens book. AND the average book on the shelf is 300 to 500 pages, as for size– that depends on whether it is in hardback, mass market paperback, or tradepaperback. and the size and font of print, and the number of words on a page.

  30. If its to read, don’t go by the number of words or pages, but the genre and content.

  31. Depend what version of Work you have, (like me, i have 2010 version) but usually in the bottom left of the screen is page count (for example: page 2 of 34 ) and then word count. If you only want the word part of a paragraph or page, just highlight the words and it will show up in the bottom left corner, it should be there :)ya i tried amazon too….so i could count the books i read during the summer…but they apparently do not have it

  32. valuable information and this offers me better insight on this topic

  33. And, honestly, stop with all the “my novel is just like all these smash hits” stuff. It almost certainly isn’t. If you want to know how many words a published book has, Google its title together with “word count”

  34. 50,000 or so for a new author.

  35. hope it helped 🙂 happy writing

  36. Published books go by number of words not pages. Check under Tools for “Word Count.”

  37. In every book I have read there has never been a word count shown. I think you will have to work this one out for yourself.

  38. depends on the font and the length of the words used and the size of the book…

  39. That’s a great question

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