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How To Say Books In Spanish

How to say By: in Spanish.

How do you say By in Spanish? I need to write on my cover page for a book project we did. I need to write:By: MassieSo, how do I say by in Spanish? Thanks.

Escrito POR:

How to say “i mean” in spanish.

I’d also like to know how to say “What do you mean?” in spanish Thanks!

There are several ways to say “I mean…” in Spanish depending on the context. Generally, it’s “quiero decir…” as others have answered. This literally means “I want to say…” and you usually use it when you are rephrasing something that you have just said. If you are just correcting a slip of the tongue, one usually just says “digo…” This literally means “I say…” and you use it to correct yourself when you meant to say something else. For example, “Le di el libro a Elena- digo, se lo di a María.” = “I gave the book to Elen- I mean, I gave it to Mary.” You also use a form of “querer decir” to ask what others mean. “Querer decir” contains the infinitive verb “querer” which you have to conjugate according to who specifically you are asking. There are four ways to say it because Spanish has four pronouns for “you” (one each of singular/plural/formal/informal).¿Qué quieres decir tú? (inf. sing.)¿Qué quiere decir usted? (fr. sing.)¿Qué queréis decir vosotros? (inf. pl.)¿Qué quieren decir ustedes? (fr. pl.) Download books for free

How to say in Spanish.

How would you translate this into Spanish?”The life of an aspiring business tycoon”I need this for a project. It will be the title of a book.

La vida de un magnate aspirante de negocios, it is, I know because I’m latin so i speak spanish, google translate is robotic , and a Human is much better so.

How to say “Spanish Book” in Spanish.

I looked online and some webs said “Libro de Español” but I thought it was “Español Libro”?? I just want to know the right one

A book for learning Spanish is “Libro de español”A book coming from Spain is “Libro español”

How to say this in spanish.

I’m doing a project, and I need to know how to say “She wants to be a _____ when she grows up.” Or just “She wants to be a ______” It isn’t in my book, none of they people in my class know it, and she hasn’t taught it to us. I would actually like for someone to answer who really…

first of all I think you want to say physical therapist which is not translated as theropist física. The correct translation is Fisioterapeuta or terapeuta físico.the complete sentence would be: Ella quiere ser una fisioterapeuta cuando sea grande=She wants to be a physical therapist when she grows up.

How to say…In Spanish.

How to say “by” as inThis book is by to write by in spanish?

‘Por Emily’

How to say “Some books” in spanish..

I thought that you would say it soemthing like “leimos algunos libros”, but my teacher said there was something wrong with the noun adjective agreement. Thanks!

Your teacher is wrong. It is perfectly correct “leímos algunos libros”. There is complete agreement between the verb, the advert of quantity and the noun. (I do not see any adjective there). Naturally, you could also say “leímos unos libros”, with complete correctness. Other examples of the same kind for you to go back to your teacher (in the most respectful way, eh) and argue your case: “caminamos algunos senderos” or “caminamos unos senderos”; “tomamos unos tragos” or “tomamos algunos tragos”; “pintamos unos cuadros” or “pintamos algunos cuadros”; “visitamos unos museos” or “visitamos algunos museos”. All of those are correct. Adián. (I do know both languages quite well).

How to say this in spanish.

Censorshipo was statred by the catholic church.The first list of books banned was a copy of a list made in the university of germany.La censora empezo por la iglesia catolica.La primera lista de libros prohibidos fue una copia de un lista hecha en un universidad de alemania.

Please pay close attention to this one of mine because it is the correct one. This is the way to convey your thought: “La censura la empezó la Iglesia Católica. La lista inicial de libros prohibidos provino de una lista que había sido hecha (redactada, concebida, publicada, creada) en una universidad de Alemania”.(I changed University of Germany to German university because there are more than one German university. The way you put it is as if there was only ONE German University, which is incorrect). I would also like to add that the correct way to say it in English is: The first list of banned books was a copy of one originally made (draftedd, originated, conceived) at a German university. AdianRosamor.

How to say inside in Spanish.

I want to say inside this bag I have.. But I’m not sure how to say inside.

Hi.Dentro de esta bolsa tengo…Don’t confuse with “adentro”. It has other uses, for example:Mis zapatos están adentro.Mi celular está adentro.In these examples you don’t say the place where your things are. You already know where they are, so it’s not neccesary to say it. For example if you’re talking to your friend, you both are leaving your bedroom and he asks : where’s my book, you say: Está adentro. Obviously your friend knows that you mean your bedroom, so it’s not neccesary to say the place.Espero que te sirva, I’m a speaker spanish learning english xDbye

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40 thoughts on “How To Say Books In Spanish

  1. or who ever the author is.

  2. my father is mean

  3. Ella quiere ser una theropist física cuando crezca.

  4. Este libro fue escrito por Emily

  5. What do you mean? = Que quieres decir? / Que es lo que quieres decir?

  6. Ella quiere ser ____ cuando crezca.Escrito De:

  7. and why not : the book of spanish language …el libro del idioma español

  8. translation: Ella quiero ser theropist física

  9. La primera lista de libros prohibidos fue una copia de una lista hecha en la universidad de Alemania.””spanish book” can mean “libro de español” what means it is a book to learn spanish, or it can also mean “libro español” what means that the book is from Spain, or it can also mean “libro en español” what means tha the book is written in spanish. You should look at the context to see which is the right meaning.

  10. Por. Libro por Emily

  11. Some Books In Spanish

  12. its the first one- translation: She wants to be a _____ when she grows up.Ella quiere ser una _____ cuando crezcago to google translate

  13. I’m Uruguayan and the accents and pronunciation is distinct among them .Argentinian and Uruguayan Spanish are very equivalent however Argentinian tone is distinct and a few distinct grammar ,I uncover it okay to talk to a Mexican however to anyone from Spain I don’t have any thought learn how to realise what they are saying in any respect

  14. Hope this helps~

  15. “dentro de” + a noun… or “adentro” if no noun follows. Like: “dentro de la bolsa” = “inside the bag” and “¿qué tienes adentro?” = “what do you have inside (it, there, etc.)”

  16. Escrito por Sally NombesLa vida de una magnate comerciante en ciernes

  17. Libro Español is incorrect, it’s the first one, libro de Español.

  18. Its The first one. Libro de Espanol.

  19. I’m Uruguayan and the accents and pronunciation is specific among them .Argentinian and Uruguayan Spanish are very identical however Argentinian tone is specific and a few specific grammar ,I uncover it alright to talk to a Mexican however to any person from Spain I don’t have any proposal find out how to appreciate what they are saying in any respect

  20. It would be “Ella quiere ser una _____ cuando crezca.”

  21. 1

  22. Escrito de: Massie

  23. I mean = Quiero decirIt’s libro de espanol. It’s not espanol libro because in spanish the adjective goes after the noun.

  24. Good luck! 😀

  25. WHAT DO YOU MEAN? ¿Qué quieres decir?

  26. “Ella quiero ser theropist física” means “She theropist want to be physical…”=)

  27. All the answers are right, I only want to say that “terapista” is the translation of the word “therapist”

  28. I MEAN Quiero decir

  29. She want to be physical theropistbelow is wrong![quiero is the first person singular indicative form of the verb querer. If the subject is “ella” the verb must be conjugated to the third person singular]

  30. “I mean”=me refiero a(Written by:)

  31. Inside = Dentro

  32. Mandy aprende español… the other ones used the phrase “Mandy esta aprendiendo español” which would be a literal translation of what you said, and it’s not so common in Spanish

  33. Your traduction is almost right, except for a few little mistakes.It’s Libro de Espanol. The second option is purely an English construction.

  34. hope that was useful!

  35. “La censura fue empezada for la iglesia católica.

  36. You can say:”what do you mean”=¿qué quieres decir?

  37. or to keep it short and sweet “De Massie”

  38. algunos libros, or unos libros.

  39. all together:sorry to say, but the proper way is

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